Cookies ‘n Cream Cupcakes

March 15, 2007

I am a little late in getting it, but I finally had enough money to buy Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.
I know that almost every cooking blog has been posting cupcakes like crazy, but there is good reason for that. They are so cute and fluffy, and taste darn good. And, they are very easy to photograph. I was a little apprehensive about the frosting on these- it has EB and shortening- but it was so good with the crushed cookie bits.

I have so many food pictures ready, but not a lot of time to type out recipes. So, they will be coming soon hopefully over the weekend =)


2 Responses to “Cookies ‘n Cream Cupcakes”

  1. jess Says:

    Those are precious! I look forward to your upcoming posts, for sure.

  2. cheriej Says:

    Your pics are great! I think the cookies n cream are one of my faves, especially for capturing on film. Love the basil lasagna rolls and the close-up of the beans as well.

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