cheezy fears

April 13, 2007

I have a lot of food related ‘confessions’. Such as, I hate mushrooms. Seriously I refuse to eat them! Portebello mushrooms are the devil. Kinf os mushy with that weird fungus taste it leaves in my mouth. Another one, I hate cucumbers. In salad, I won’t eat the lettuce they touched-much less the actual cucumber’-becuase of the taste. I used to love cucumbers, my favorite salad was cucumbers, red onions, olives, vinegar, and salt and pepper. Now I refuse to eat them. That’s just the vegetables. I could go on about all my weird eating habits. Like the one where I scrape the frosting off of three Oreos onto one Oreo, eat the cookies, and then eat the overloaded cookie that remains. I’m not paritcularly picky, I just know what I like.

Anyway, as a vegan one has to expand their food horizons. If you don’t, you will end up eating broccoli and toast for the rets of your life. Not particularly horrible, but you would certainly smell weird. I’ve shyed away from certaint vegan foods. My excuses being: it’s too expensive, I have to go the health food store to find it, what 16 year old eats (insert product here)?, etc. But in reality, I’m just being a wimp.
I finally picked up nutritional yeast. Yes, shoot me now. I always read about it on blogs, it’s in many recipes, and it seems to be the cheez of choice but something about it seemed gross. I usually will try anything as long as it is vegan, but the thought of eating yeast was a little off-putting. But then I started to crave mac and cheez. And you know how you start craving something, it seems to be everywhere? The PPK, blogs, cookbooks, VegWeb. It was hard to look at those lovely pictures of vegan goodness, and not have some of it for myself. So I wrote it on my list, and marched myself into the health food store. The little yellow flakes aren’t as scary as I thought they would be. They don’t smell like beer, and they aren’t gooey or anything.
So tomorrow, I will be making Mac and Cheez. If it doesn’t work, I might cry…. actually I won’t. I’ll probably just throw a grand ol’ tantrum.

Off the subject of yeast, is it weird that I couldn’t sleep last night and I spent my time thinking about how to make a certain thing vegan? Is that weird or what? This unnamed treat is going to fantastic if it works. If it doesn’t, I can just pretend I was talking about something else, and kind of shove it under the rug. So look for that soon… it’s gonna be cool.

I’m tired and talkative, and no one is awake so excuse the rambling. More food pictures and recipes tomorrow. I finally got my sourdough starter to work, and made a really yummy chili dish. Coming up soon.


8 Responses to “cheezy fears”

  1. Lilily Says:

    Just wanted to warn you ahead of time… you mac and cheese probably won’t taste like mac and cheese. Make sure you use a recipe that has been reviewed and is thought fantastic by all. (I reccommend using a recipe at Vegweb. They’re usually reviewed.) Good luck!

  2. jessssss Says:

    I have similar feelings on mushrooms, but really like the cremini, white and portballas. However, even those can make me think I’m eating’s tricky.

    Regarding, nutritional yeast adventures, good luck! It took me a while to get acquired to the taste, but I do crave it now.

  3. anushka Says:

    I used to really dislike mushrooms (Chinese mushrooms are THE worst) but now I’m very partial to them, especially the giant ones with velvety insides when grilled with garlic and butter. You can’t eat butter though. Mind you, are oreos vegan?

  4. jessssss Says:

    Normal oreos are vegan, but watch the packaging.

  5. Emily Says:

    Jess, no worries on the Oreos. I am an obsessive label reader… lol. Thank you though =)

  6. Celine Says:

    apparently it worked since your new favorite thing is to eat cold mac and cheez! woohoo!

  7. Foodeater Says:

    I used to hate tomatoes with a passion most of my life. Sure made it difficult to be a vegetarian without eating tomatoes… I tell ya… they’re in everything. I finally started to make myself eat them, slowly but surely eating a little bit more each time by hiding them in salads and in sandwiches. Eventually I just forgot that I used to hate them, and now I love ’em! If I can become a tomato lover than I truly believe that anything is possible (except there’s no way in hell anyone’s going to ever get me to like onions)!

  8. Rural Vegan Says:

    First time visiting your blog. I think you’re the only other vegan I know who won’t eat mushrooms! Come on, why would people willingly want to eat a fungus?!

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