May 2, 2007

Strawberry Ice ‘Cream’ and plain chocolate cuppers with chocolate frosting. my cooking hasn’t exactly been all that great this week, so lets just focus on the ice cream. i hate cooking ruts =(

i made gluten free cookies the other day and they were actually very good. becuase of before mentioned rut, they will be posted tomorrow. i’m trying to spread it out over a few days 😉


11 Responses to “”

  1. Briggitte Says:

    i love strawberry ice cream but green tea or coffee is my fav.
    and those cupcakes look really yummy!

  2. Mihl Says:

    Nothing as easy as that! I mean focussing on the ice cream! Strawberry and chocolate, what a great combination.

  3. anushka Says:

    Yum yum, the ice-cream looks lush

  4. oh dear that look so pretty! your photos are awesome!

  5. Kate Says:

    Very yummy. I made the chocolate chip cookies you posted a while back and they were amazing, thank you so much. I will post them on my blog sometime but will of course link you to them. Is that okay?

  6. urban vegan Says:

    ice cream looks decadent and wonderful

  7. Caty Says:

    The picture is fantastic! And the ice cream looks absolutely divine!

  8. Gaia Says:

    What a wonderful combo !

  9. melisser Says:

    YUM! Your plate looks adorable & delicious!

  10. jd Says:

    This is such a beautiful shot, just like the rest of the pics on your page! That ice cream looks scrumptious!

    By the way, you’re definitely way too cool to be only 16ys old 🙂

    Keep up the blogging – your site is really GREAT!

  11. Crystal Says:

    This looks so amazing.

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