16. Vegan (der). Activist. Feminist. Anarchist. Environmentalist. Painter. Music Conissuer (actually, I just listen to dead people’s music…). Designer. Sewer (I like to swim in the sewer…BAM). Knitter. Sarcastic. And the list goes on and on.

More on Veganism:
A Meaningful Life
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2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. hey! loved the top on flikr that you made. it’s rare to find young people that love to sew. i love to sew, mostly for my kids. i made myself a top one time and it was so dorky. anyway, kuddos to you.

  2. Chris Says:


    Thanks for all your work on the blog.

    I am part of a team at Base Camp Communications doing market research for PROBAR, a vegan energy bar company. We currently have 7 flavors.

    We are looking for bloggers to try free samples of PROBAR’s 4 new flavors soon to be out and to give us feedback prior to them hitting the stores.

    If you are interested send me your mailing address and we will have the samples shipped to you in the mail. (expected production on the samples will be in February) Once you get them there will be a way for you to share the samples with 3 close friends, fill out a feedback form on our website, and receive additional samples as well as exclusive discounted pricing on a case of bars (12 bars per case) if you like them.

    Of course if you blog about it (like them or not – we prefer honest blogging) that would be stellar too.

    Thanks for considering it.


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