Macaroni and Cheese

April 17, 2007

I tried making the New Farm recipe for Mac and Cheez (found here), and I love this stuff. Seriously, it is even good cold…. but I like cold food =P
When my mom made macaroni and cheese, she would cut up ham and broccoli in it. Obviosuly I skipped the ham, but the broccoli was delicious. Maybe next time I’ll cut up some vegan soy dogs, and go super tacky and you all…

Sad news: I tihnk I am gluten intolerant. Phooey. I try to eat a variety of food, but sandwiches, muffins, etc. are very easy and quick for me. It’s not bad enough to where I can never eat it, it just makes me feel a little… off. This week I am trying gluten free, just to be sure. It is going to mean some more creative cooking, that’s for sure. I’m not worried about it. I’ve always had weird food allergies/intolerances and I’ve always figured out a way to eat well with them. Onto more pictures. (note: these are all kind of ‘saved’ up from the past few weeks. I don’t eat sugar that much. And I make up a lot of recipes, but I either forget them or I don’t take pictures. I’m working on it…)

‘Meatball” sandwich:

Just a simple lentil ball recipe. They were pretty good, but for some reason they crumbled like crazy. It made for some messy eating-but at leats it tasted good.
San-Francisco Style Sourdough Bread:

I’ve been trying to get a good starter for a while now, and I think that the slightly warmer/wetter weather has helped it along.

Lunch I had using the bread:

It is a piece of toasted sourdough, red pepper hummus, spinach and tomatoes. Slightly broiled, and really darkly toasted. Oops. It was good, but I didn’t care much for the hummus. Waste of chickpeas =P

Tomorrow will be the gigantic cookie post. I made up the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’m totally bragging, but I don’t care. They were a-mazing. Included will be some cupcakes from Easter. Boy am I behind.


cheezy fears

April 13, 2007

I have a lot of food related ‘confessions’. Such as, I hate mushrooms. Seriously I refuse to eat them! Portebello mushrooms are the devil. Kinf os mushy with that weird fungus taste it leaves in my mouth. Another one, I hate cucumbers. In salad, I won’t eat the lettuce they touched-much less the actual cucumber’-becuase of the taste. I used to love cucumbers, my favorite salad was cucumbers, red onions, olives, vinegar, and salt and pepper. Now I refuse to eat them. That’s just the vegetables. I could go on about all my weird eating habits. Like the one where I scrape the frosting off of three Oreos onto one Oreo, eat the cookies, and then eat the overloaded cookie that remains. I’m not paritcularly picky, I just know what I like.

Anyway, as a vegan one has to expand their food horizons. If you don’t, you will end up eating broccoli and toast for the rets of your life. Not particularly horrible, but you would certainly smell weird. I’ve shyed away from certaint vegan foods. My excuses being: it’s too expensive, I have to go the health food store to find it, what 16 year old eats (insert product here)?, etc. But in reality, I’m just being a wimp.
I finally picked up nutritional yeast. Yes, shoot me now. I always read about it on blogs, it’s in many recipes, and it seems to be the cheez of choice but something about it seemed gross. I usually will try anything as long as it is vegan, but the thought of eating yeast was a little off-putting. But then I started to crave mac and cheez. And you know how you start craving something, it seems to be everywhere? The PPK, blogs, cookbooks, VegWeb. It was hard to look at those lovely pictures of vegan goodness, and not have some of it for myself. So I wrote it on my list, and marched myself into the health food store. The little yellow flakes aren’t as scary as I thought they would be. They don’t smell like beer, and they aren’t gooey or anything.
So tomorrow, I will be making Mac and Cheez. If it doesn’t work, I might cry…. actually I won’t. I’ll probably just throw a grand ol’ tantrum.

Off the subject of yeast, is it weird that I couldn’t sleep last night and I spent my time thinking about how to make a certain thing vegan? Is that weird or what? This unnamed treat is going to fantastic if it works. If it doesn’t, I can just pretend I was talking about something else, and kind of shove it under the rug. So look for that soon… it’s gonna be cool.

I’m tired and talkative, and no one is awake so excuse the rambling. More food pictures and recipes tomorrow. I finally got my sourdough starter to work, and made a really yummy chili dish. Coming up soon.